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Bose soundlink micro-can’t be too small

bose soundlink micro-can't be too small

Best speaker for party and outdoor.

It is not exaggerated to say that BOSE’s SoundLink series has been recognized as the benchmark for portable speakers worldwide. Starting from the first generation of SoundLink, BOSE redefines Bluetooth speakers with its portable design and powerful sound performance. Launched in May 2017, Revolve and Revolve+ lead SoundLink into a new era of powerful 360-degree sound.

Four months after the release of Revolve and Revolve+ (September 2017), BOSE launched its smallest, most rugged and portable Bluetooth speaker: SoundLink Micro. The product is 9.5cm long and Width, 3.8CM high, weighing only 0.29kg, so you can easily put it in your palm. SoundLink Micro’s compact size and IPX7 waterproof rating make it a true outdoor portable audio tool.


The new SoundLink Micro  price is $99. If you look at it from its small size, you might find it a bit expensive, but it’s because you haven’t really experienced it yet. Since I got this product last week, I have been using it for a few days, and now it is time to bring this review to everyone. Then there is not much to say, if you want to learn more about this Bluetooth speaker, please look down.

The first thing I want to say about the appearance part. There are a lot of bluetooth speakers on the market. The products I have reviewed have a lot of products, but the texture of Micro is the best. One. From every detail of the fuselage to every seam, two words are revealed: rigorous.

SoundLink Micro’s body is made of soft silicone protective shell, which feels skin-friendly and delicate. At the same time, according to the official introduction, the silicone shell can also prevent it from scratches, shocks and dust/sand. With this alone, it is almost the second largest portable Bluetooth speaker product in the market.

bose waterproof

This speaker has 5 buttons (3 on the front and 2 on the side). Volume plus and volume down buttons are on the front. The middle multi-function button is music play/pause,  song switching,  call answering/hanging. And wake up the phone voice assistant and other functions. With this small button, you can do a lot of things. The two buttons on the side are the power switch and the Bluetooth pairing button. Short press to turn the phone on/off; short press the Bluetooth button to turn on the Bluetooth pairing mode, and also switch between different devices.  


As a portable, outdoor-use Bluetooth speaker product, SoundLink Micro is extremely rugged. According to the official introduction, it can perfectly overcome the test of severe cold and heat. The body is waterproof from the inside to the outside, meets IPX7 waterproof rating standards, and can withstand the challenge of soapy water, chlorine water or salt water. Micro speakers can continue to play in the rain or snow, or in pool or even the sea.

It is worth mentioning that the back of this speaker is specially designed with a silicone strap. Don’t underestimate this strap. It can easily hang Micro on backpacks, bicycles, umbrellas, bathroom hangers or other objects. Thanks to its excellent waterproof protection, this speaker allows you to listen to music anywhere.

For color, the new SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speakers are available in black (with black silicone tape), midnight blue (with grey silicone tape) and bright orange (with purple silicone tape). For the SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker, the biggest feeling it gives me from the hands-on experience can be summed up in four words: small, exquisite, sturdy and durable.

A little observation will reveal that there is no 3.5mm audio interface on the body of SoundLink Micro, which means that this speaker only supports Bluetooth connection, so friends who need to use 3.5mm audio interface should pay attention to it.

Micro’s Bluetooth connection is also very simple. After the speaker is turned on, press the Bluetooth button to enter the pairing mode; turn on the phone Bluetooth, find the “BOSE Micro SoundLink” and select the device to complete the connection. The process is exactly the same as other Bluetooth speakers. There is no difficulty in getting started.

In the daily use, you will find that Micro’s Bluetooth will always do more, it not only ensures efficient music transmission, but also can pair up to eight devices (short press the Bluetooth button to switch devices freely) And more ways to party/stereo mode in the exclusive app “Bose Connect”.

As a portable bluetooth speaker, battery life is naturally more concerned by users. SoundLink Micro has  rechargeable lithium battery that provides up to 6 hours of music playback (at normal volume). Such endurance performance is basically no problem for the daily use.

If the look, portability and functionality of SoundLink Micro is not enough to impress you, then I want to say that when you really use it to play a piece of music, I believe you will be deeply attracted.

Micro’s sound performance has a very pure “BOSE flavor”, the low frequency is as good as ever, the sense of volume and flexibility almost kill other Bluetooth speaker products of the same volume, you can even feel that its low frequency is dive, and this The performance is also difficult to find in other Bluetooth speakers of the same size. If you need a large volume, a noise sound field, a heavy bass, then I can say without hesitation that Micro is your dish (and of course you can accept the price).

Micro’s bluetooth speaker has a mono design, but its sound performance is perfect. In addition to the outstanding low frequency, this speaker also has a good performance in the intermediate frequency and high frequency. The high frequency and the human voice are emitted from the front of the speaker, and the low frequency is emitted from the back, which not only does not interfere with each other, but also brings the layering of the sound. It sounds very comfortable. If it’s not enough, it doesn’t have 360° no-sound listening like SoundLink Revolve. Since the speaker’s voice is relatively single and you want to get the best listening experience, it’s better to play it face to you. In addition to this, I really can hardly find out the shortcomings of this speaker in terms of sound.

Written at the end:

I have talked so much about it. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of BOSE’s new SoundLink Micro. In fact, what I want to say is what kind of user this speaker is suitable for. First of all, the pursuit of the brand, my speakers must be forced to come out (LOW forced brand absolutely not). Then use the scene to listen to the song in the living room/bedroom, at least for moderate users. Portability is naturally a very important point (and waterproof protection). For moderate/heavy users, daily outdoor listening, large-volume Bluetooth speakers are a nightmare, only small is the best choice. The sound should be  blockbuster effect. It is best to instantly attract the attention of the people around when the sound comes out. Finally, and most importantly, you do have a budget of a thousand dollars. If you already have the last point, then I said that as long as there is a point that suits your needs, SoundLink Micro is your dish.