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How to pick iphone charger for travel?

How to pick iphone charger for travel?

First, charger must be easy to carry for travel.

You must have experienced this. All the family member use iphone but different model. All the wire for iphone is white. How can you find it accurately especially when it is mingled up? If you don’t remember which is yours, then you maybe choose other model wire. The wrong charger wire would influence your battery. The same time you need to check which socket type you need to use in destination. And carry so many converters for each one.

multifunction plugToday forget this! There is a multi-functional plug you need. It contains 4 socket type which suits for over 100 countries in the world. The most important thing. You don’t need to carry converter for everyone. And you can enjoy one plug with your families. It earns a highly satisfied feedbacks from over 600 buyers on Amazon already.





And if you still have a problem in differentiating the all white charger wire, please leave them at home. And check the following high quality products. Anker is a leading brand in consuming electronics. I never choose wires from other seller, after I bought colorful wirea wire 3 years ago. And it still works perfectly! Now they have Powerline+ Lightning Cable (6ft) Durable and Fast Charging Cable. And it’s colorful for you to find yours.





Rest heart and enjoy your holiday! Just taking one plug head and putting your attention only on the beautiful landscape.

If your phone battery is not in good condition and always consume power fast. Please pay attention to our another introduction of power bank case.