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How to turn an iphone to GoPro?

Have you ever heard iphone GoPro?

How are you guys?

I just came back from Maldives. It’s a really beautiful place. Now i share some pictures with you.landscape1 landscape3landscape2

Due to the limitation of photos, i can only share little with you.

I take the photo with my old fellow Olympus TG-4,which is a professional underwater camera. The waterproof depth is 15 meters. Adding the professional waterproof case, it could be used under 30 meters. But it cost me arms and legs comparing the below one what i want to introduce. Also it’s inconvenient to take so many spare parts and gadgets.


olympus2 olympus3olympas

I was astonished when i saw someone take photo underwater with iphone with this gadget. So i asked her and she introduced to me this gadget. Have you ever heard iphone gopro?

pick it for iphone 6 plus,7 plus,8plus

buy it for iphone X ,iphone XS

choose it for iphone XS MAX

It was really impressed with the fact that not only is it waterproof , actually is made to basically turn your iphone into an underwater action camera.

Don’t miss this great product! It’s really save you time and space in the luaggage.


2 thoughts on “How to turn an iphone to GoPro?

  1. We love your content. Regards from Pissouri Bay Divers from Cyprus!

    1. thanks! i appreciate it.

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