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In 2019 what’s the best Tv box now?

What's the best tv box now?

Let me introduce some to you.

Roku Ultra

Our streaming player with our best wireless performance. It’s enhanced voice remote control including Tv power and volume buttons means no more other remotes. Just use your voice to search for your favorite movie and movie star. It includes JBL premium headphones so you can listen as loud as you can while keeping the house quiet. Enjoying it all in stunning 4k brilliant HDR.

Misplacing your remote? There is loss remote finding function which can reveal the hiding place.

Let’s re-check what’s the advantages?

1, Powerful quad-core processor

2, Our best performance

3, Brilliant 4K and HDR picture quality

4, Enhanced voice remote with buttons for Tv power and volume

5, Premium headphones for private listening

6, Lost remotes finder

roku tv box

Touchjet wave

Touch screen projector for Android.

It turns my TV to a smart touchscreen. You can do pretty much. Stream any movie. Download any Apps from the google play right onto the wave. You can check sports news, social media, listen to music,search for things,learn stuff,control your home, and play all your favorite games only much bigger. it’s super easy to let your kids to play together in a whole new way.

You will be amazed at how quickly it changes your world.

Friends,office,family the touch jet wave would brings the people together in any situation.

touchjet wave

Nvidia shield tv pro

If you are looking for a way to connect your PC gaming with your TV, That’s it!

This great designed tv box use an advanced technology to cast your game on screen. Direct hardware connector freeing you to play your games your way. The device comes with formidable hardware.

The innovative processor conbines two different quad-core CPU and 3 gigabytes of RAM offers plenty of speed and 500gigabyte of storage that leaves other tv box behind. One of the most exciting features of this device is an exclusive lineup of android game designed exclusive for this model. Its advanced wireless architechture also allows for easy streaming the PC games from the cloud straight to your TV.

It’s audio technology contains  Dolby audio and surround. In addition the shield pro supply a clear visual interface which making it easy to control.

shield pro control

Well that’s all we introduce today! Start and enjoy the happy time from now!

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