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What would you do if you can’t find power resources?

Charge your phone outdoor?

Like the amazing landscape but the phone power is low! And you don’t have a power bank in hand.

How to charge your phone outdoor? I have many ways:

let’s discuss which one is better.

1, Use onion and other fruit or vegetables, let’s watch a video. It contains step by step procedure. After watching you will find what an amazing world we live in. I thought like this after watching. and you?

2, Using the water. Kidding? it’s more ridiculous. Should i sink my phone to charge?

No. Here is an innovative gadget.


Well, let’s take this and enough onion potato with yourself. Hope the place you go have a stream and your bag is large enough. Do you agree with me?

So it doesn’t work.

Here i recommend you a solar charger for your cellphone (from amazon).


First, it is total clear power

Second, it’s light-weight and you can take it in any circumstance, water, dust,desert. and it is treated to withstand high temperature.

If you are not the people like Bear Grylls and you happen to go to travel in someplace where you can’t get electricity conveniently, take this gadget with you!

And it can charge many devices. Including this portable LED camping lantern.

out door light

In the deep dark night outdoor or in an emergency situation, it can save your life!

1, It has 6 modes( SOS&blue blinking,, mosquito propel,super bright flash, soft,medium,strong mode)

2, It can be used as power bank

3, It is Ip68 waterproof design

4, It is portable and easy to hang in the tent

It is very suitable for hiking,wild adventure and cycling. You can hang it or stick it to any metal surface with its magnetic parts.


Hope you like out recommendation. And have a nice tour!






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