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Pick a power bank allowed on plane!

Pick a power bank allowed on plane!

This is a chart:

chart airline


After checking the chart. Maybe you can’t figure it out. Let me explain. 160 Wh is roughly equal to 44,000 mAh at 3.6 volts. How big is it in size?



Don’t believe that super high-capacity but very small size power bank. The technology now is not so advanced.


This is a real 100000mah power bank (from amazon). Super astonishing right? That’s the power bank in dream. But! it’s nightmare for airline.

high capacity power bank

Comparing with this (from amazon). WOW! it’s a dream of inventor or battery. Believe me! So if you believe it’s true. please click this photo to have a try 🙂

fake capacity


They are all marked 100000mah, but which do you believe?


Another point is the safety.

Look at the first burned Tesla car in China after a collision.


What they find the secret of Tesla battery? Only 7400pcs more 18650 batteries inside. Yes, it’s the same in your power bank. Only a composition of 18650 batteries. What makes Tesla outstanding is the technology of charging management.

You need a technological and big capacity(allowed on plane) and strong power bank!


So let me recommend this safe and high-capacity power bank allowed on plane. It was tested by hundreds of Amazon buyer(including me). So i truly recommend here.

anker power bank



The High Capacity Portable Charger with Upgraded Compatibility. It support phone, laptop and other rechargeable device.

For Apple, Quick Charge, PowerIQ 2.0, the newest generation of Anker’s advanced smart-charging technology.

Brimming with 20000mAh of pure power—enough to keep an iPhone XR running for a week.

PowerIQ 2.0 is now allowing PowerCore to take advantage of rapid input charging. Get fully charged in as little as 5 hours when using a Quick Charge charger, and spend more time away from the outlet.

Find out how much power you have remaining by pressing the slick 8-light LED wheel, or by plugging a device into an output port.


It’s safe and absolutely allowed on plane! You will never be anxious about low power with it. Wish you a good journey!


There are many other kinds of power bank.

please check here for details.


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