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What is the best Tv box now?

what is the best tv box now?

Let’s get right to the question first.

What is a tv box now?

A TV is a device generally in Androi system, which contains hundreds of Apps. These Apps can make you watch the 4K movie or download free games and movies from such as google play or amazone prime. You just need to connect it to Tv with HDMI wire.


Is this legal?

Now this is a misconception that TV box is illegal. Well infact they are actually not illegal.You can buy a box download any Apps from google play store and you are not breaking the law. There is so much legitimate content available paid and free. However some people out there like to modify their box by installing third-party Apps in the play store, such as show box, and many more. These Apps will let you watch the latest movie in HD 4K and 3D including the latest cinema movies. Further more with Apps you can watch ESPN WWE .. It’s all for free. If you install these Apps then it’s obviously illegal. So stick to the google play store you are not breaking the law. So you know the android TV boxes are perfectly. Just like your mobile phone or tablet, what you do on it of course is your responsibility.

Can i legally watch free movies?


Answer is Yes! There are many Apps in play store which contains legal movies.

Can i play movie through USB?

You can play your movie,vedio,and photo from USB Micro SD card.You can attach up to 4TB drives and access all your multimedia very nicely and display.

What vedio and audio formats are supported?

Many Tv box support the MP4,TS,MKV. What i highly recommended is Kodi. The best media player to the vedio and audio formats has to be Kodi media player which is a free App great option is the VLC media player which is also a free App available from the play store.

That’s some real question asked by client. Hope it’s useful for you! What the best tv box in 2019? Please check next post.

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