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Plan to have a Nintendo switch in 2019?

Is wireless nintendo switch controller good as a gift?

What will you choose for children as a gift? Consider the nintendo switch controller.


It is a fantastic little device right out of the box. But what can we do to this thing.

Perhaps my favorite thing about this thing is that the charger port is USB type C, and we all know that in order for nintendo to pack as much power as they could into this little device, the battery life had to take a substential hit. If you are in a bind and need to charge on the go you can use a  power bank. If you are playing something power intensive. It may drain your battery faster than it’s charging, it’s always best to regularly charge your device with the power adapter that nintendo supplied.

nintendo switch

Now i have known that digital game is better, especially if you have a portable console. You buy one game and then you feel like you need to buy more physically.So that you have more tangible to put in your collection.To break myself out of the habit, i decide to make the switch my first all digital console. Now you can’t do that with the provided 32GB of internal memory. Don’t worry. This device support micro SD ,SDHC and SDHX. Just note that if you use the SD card in one switch, you will not able to use it in any other switch.


While the joycons work a lot better than i had expected, people are reporting the sync issue with the left joycon. NIntendo advises that you optimized your play area. what to do?

  • try to decrease the distance between the joycon and nintendo switch console.
  • ensure the nintendo console is placed to minimize interference with the joycon. it is the best if the nintendo switch console is placed out in the open and that is not:
  • behind the tv
  • near an aquarium
  • place in out under a metal objest
  • pressed against a large amout of wires and cords
  • with 3 or 4 feet of another wireless device

That’s all of the suggestion i have to you! Get ready to download some games?

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